The Pki Group Refrigeration Installation Orlando Florida

Project Description

Clients: The Ritz Hotel Orlando Florida
Installation: The PKI Group
Year Completed: 2020
Project: Refrigeration Installation Orlando Florida

The PKI Group Orlando team was booked to deliver several projects on the same day, starting with a refrigeration job in West Orlando, a counter restoration service at The Ritz Hotel, and a delivery job in the Downtown area. We are very proud of our skilled crew members delivering high standards in their line of work while representing our company in different cities of the Sunshine state.

Refrigeration Services

The PKI Group works with leading manufacturers of walk-in coolers and freezers that require a precise installation that ensures their products will work once made operational. The PKI Group installation department installs all facets of refrigeration equipment. They are expert installers of ice machines, prefabricated walk-ins, and just about any cold equipment you can imagine! From walk-in boxes to refrigerated warehouses, our minded installation department is committed to ensuring the equipment is placed in the right position, properly connected, and tested to comply with federal energy conservation standards.

In addition to our excellent repair service and along with all our services, we also host the best in walk-in box restoration, reach indoor replacements, and re-fabrication of most exterior parts in order to keep the unit looking new and operating efficiently.

Counter Installation, Restoration and Fabrication

The Ritz Hotel required removal and replacement of a stainless countertop needing a restoration uplift while keeping its original frame. Even though, this job required electrical and plumbing installations, making it more challenging to finish it on time, The PKI Group technicians got the job done as expected and within schedule.

Pickup and Delivery of Equipment 

Pick up and delivery of two hoods plus installation in Downtown Orlando was a success. Our crew members finished their day by completing all their scheduled jobs and looking forward to another busy day.

See Us In Action

The PKI Group provides over 40 years of experience and expertise in HVAC, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration services, and repair for commercial businesses in the food and beverage industry. Having efficient, cool, and well-running refrigeration can save you hundreds of dollars! We also offer maintenance and equipment repair services to restaurants, hotels, and other establishments with commercial refrigeration equipment. Call today for a FREE estimate at 954-530-3757

The PKI Group

The PKI Group is a dependable company offering maintenance and repair services to keep any food and beverage equipment in working condition and at peak capacity for faster delivery, better food quality, and satisfied customers. Call The PKI Group for any of our services at (954) 530-3757.

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