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Looking For Commercial Refrigeration Repair?

If a business has a commercial refrigeration unit, it’s important that is well maintained, so it doesn’t stop working in the middle of a day when productivity could be affected if the unit breaks down unexpectedly. It is advisable to have your commercial refrigeration repair and serviced every so often, so you decrease the risk of having something go wrong with your unit and thus, being without it for a long time.

Commercial refrigeration repair is a very specific job, and you need to find professionals like the PKI Group who will find what it’s not working with your unit and repair it ahead of time, rather than having inexperienced workers suggesting you to buy a new one.

We also help you to determine and prevent if your refrigeration unit starts malfunctioning before it’s too late to call us for a repair service and needing yourself to buy a new one. You can save money repairing a commercial refrigeration unit rather than buying a new one down the road.

When you have commercial refrigeration unit, you will want to make sure that service, maintenance and repair are regularly done. Our PKI installers will come to your business periodically to check how everything is running with your unit, as well as making any small repairs that come across in the inspection. The routine service will ensure that your unit continues to run as it should, with no problems.

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At PKI Group, we are aware of all these details and we make sure that you are happy with our commercial refrigeration repair services. With more than 30 years of experience in the commercial refrigeration industry, we take care of every kind of restaurant equipment installations from walk-in coolers and freezers to bar equipment. Also, we can also pickup-up, deliver and safely store your restaurant equipment and products if need it. Call today at 954-530-3757 or click HERE to fill out a quick form.

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