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Restaurant Vent Hood InstallationRestaurant Vent Hood Installation

Are you looking for a restaurant vent hood installation? As you may already know, restaurant owners are legally required to have a vent installed in their commercial kitchen. This is a key safety measure to prevent fire accidents. Furthermore, installation of restaurant vent hood alone is not enough; it is needed to be cleaned from time to time. An unclean vent hood poses severe risks, and if you don’t deal with them correctly, it may lead to serious consequences. The PKI Group is the company that can help you with a professional restaurant vent hood installation and maintenance services.

Restaurant Vent Hood InstallationWhy Hire Us?

At The PKI Group, we have been serving restaurants nationally and internationally for many years, with service specialties in commercial kitchen vent hoods, exhaust systems, commercial restaurant ventilation, mechanical, refrigeration, boiler inspection, HVAC, and commercial restaurant equipment.

Our team of professionals:

  • Certified and qualified factory-trained technicians to service numerous types of restaurant equipment
  • Schedules same-day emergency service
  • Offers effective maintenance systems and programs
  • Maintains professional alliances
  • Focuses on excellent customer service and customer satisfaction

Our Services

Restaurant Vent Hood InstallationRestaurant Exhaust Hood Installation

A restaurants exhaust hood is an important part of the ventilation system that maintains a fresh environment in your kitchen. Without a proper ventilation and exhaust system, the kitchen would always be smoky, sooty, and uncomfortably hot. It could negatively impact the optimal operation of your kitchen appliances such as gas burners, the fridge, and the performance of your workers. For compliance and safety purposes, all restaurants and commercial kitchens must have exhaust canopies.

At The PKI Group, we offer a wide range of installation options for highly efficient exhaust canopies from major brands. Our team of installation experts will professionally install these vent hoods into your kitchen. When it comes to restaurant hoods installation, proper installation and effective design by experienced technicians is essential in order for the entire kitchen ventilation system to function properly. You can count on our qualified technicians for such needs.

Restaurant Vent Hood InstallationRestaurant Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Professional scheduled kitchen hood cleaning is vital for the efficient and safe operation of every restaurant kitchen. Don’t let your restaurant become a risky business, contact The PKI Group for professional kitchen hood cleaning today.
Restaurant Exhaust Fans and Make-up Air Systems

Exhaust and Make-up Air systems are important parts of a restaurant kitchen. We offer expert installation, repair, maintenance, and cleaning of a wide variety of ventilation systems. The components we use for your exhaust and make-up air systems are fabricated from stainless steel in different sizes depending on the specific requirements of your restaurant.

The PKI Group – Restaurant Vent Hood Installation

At The PKI Group, our technicians specialize in servicing all major commercial kitchen and restaurant equipment brands. They provide high-quality commercial kitchen equipment installation, service, and maintenance, including vent hood installation.

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