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Designing a commercial kitchen can be time-consuming, that’s why you need to hire kitchen design professionals. At PKI Group, we can properly design the kitchen layout and take care of everything your business needs. Important things to take into consideration are that the commercial kitchen design and future workflow all work together to make your business successful. It is vital to have an area for prepping meals, setting the meals, and of course, the many areas for cooking. This includes stoves, ovens, and perhaps a grill. These play key roles because they can all be in use at the same time. A commercial kitchen should also have a clearly marked area for cleaning and disposal. Having an area for proper storage is also important as well.
Commercial kitchen installation also dictates which are the preparation areas to stop any cross contamination in a restaurant and potentially harming the clientele. By having a station for vegetables and a separate one for raw meats, will help reduce incidents in the kitchen, and it is all part of a proper commercial kitchen design.

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The PKI Group is one of the top international commercial kitchen installers specializing in refrigeration & commercial kitchen equipment. We have built and installed kitchens for hundreds of clients since 1979. We take pride in our attention to detail and are confident that our customers get what they want, but more importantly, what they really need. We offer “value-added service” through the entire equipment purchasing process from initial order to start-up and training.

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