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Restaurant Equipment Warehouse

Are you looking for restaurant equipment warehouse facility? Whether you are expanding remodeling or changing the location of your current food and beverage business, you may lack storage space for your old restaurant equipment. At The PKI Group, we offer restaurant equipment warehousing services in a long or short term basis. With our warehousing facility, your equipment will be stored safely, and you will have more space in your restaurant.

restaurant equipment warehouseWhy Hire Us?

The PKI Group is here to help you before and after the purchase of your new restaurant equipment. In addition to our warehousing facility, we offer pickup and delivery service as well. We can deliver your restaurant equipment anywhere and anytime you want. Whether you want it moved to one facility or to multiple restaurant branches, local or nationally, we can help you. At The PKI Group, we customize our services to satisfy the specific needs of our clients. With our reliable restaurant equipment warehousing service, you won’t have to search anywhere else.

With our years of service in Florida and international kitchen installations, we have cultivated knowledge on superb warehouse management. With our experience and expertise, we can satisfy your storage, pickup, and delivery needs including various services such as assembly, labeling, and packing,

Restaurant Equipment Warehousing Service

The PKI Group specializes in creating customized service programs designed specifically to suit your restaurant’s storage and delivery needs. This allows us to act as your partner in the warehousing management aspects of your business plan, guaranteeing reliable and cost-effective solutions for your storage needs. Many restaurants in Florida are already using our warehousing services to store restaurant appliances and other items on a short-term or long-term basis.

Our restaurant equipment warehouse service can provide storage, pickup, and delivery including (but not limited to):

  • Refrigerators, chillers, coolers, and freezers (including walk-ins)
  • Ovens including convection, deck, microwave, and combi
  • Steamers, fryers, braising pans, and kettles
  • New technology equipment such as accelerated cooking ovens
  • Stoves and ranges in gas or electric
  • Quick-chill freezers and refrigerators as well as induction ranges
  • Stainless work tables, pot racks, and wall shelves
  • Storage bins, ice machines, filters and dispensers
  • Cafeteria and buffet serving units
  • And much more!

The PKI Group – Restaurant Equipment Warehouse

If you have any more questions, please feel free to call us today at 954-530-3757 or click Warehouse Service for further assistance.

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