The Pki Group Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

Project Description

Clients: Kennedy Space Center Florida
Installation: The PKI Group
Year Completed: 2020
Project: Commercial Cleaning Kitchen Services

The PKI Group is always bringing new services for the Foodservice Hospitality Industries! Now we can clean your equipment with steamer cleaning and other techniques while protecting all electrical components. We can go to you, or we can bring it to our warehouse facility in Tamarac, Florida.

One-time deep cleaning can be regularly scheduled or as needed. Our company offers commercial kitchen cleaning for your restaurant in Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach counties and available at any time of the day.

Restaurant kitchens generate higher volumes of grease difficult to remove without the right commercial-grade cleaning equipment. This tough grease is tracked through the rest of the areas, such as dining areas, restrooms, and throughout the facility. It could also lead to potentially dangerous slip-and-fall accidents putting your customers in danger.

As a food service provider, maintaining clean, healthy equipment is a necessity to keep areas from the kitchen to entryways, floors, and restrooms safe for employees and customers.

Besides commercial kitchen installations, The PKI Group offers maintenance and deep commercial cleaning services using state-of-the-art and disinfecting equipment. Our crew members use environmentally-friendly techniques to create a cleaner and safer kitchen and work environment.

The assessment includes a walk through your kitchen outlet with you to create a detailed breakdown of what it should be detailed. From smaller appliances to bigger ones, the interior/exterior of ANY piece of equipment in your commercial kitchen, we can handle it all.

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Also, The PKI Group crew members will perform a post-cleaning comprehensive walk-through to ensure all tasks have been executed by their higher cleaning standards.

The PKI Group

The PKI Group is a dependable company offering maintenance and repair services to keep any food and beverage equipment in working condition and at peak capacity for faster delivery, better food quality, and satisfied customers. Call The PKI Group for any of our services at 954-530-3757

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