Indoor And Outdoor Stainless Steel Waterfall Installation

Project Description

Fabrication: EMJAC Group Harmonic Environments Waterfall Systems
Installation: The PKI Group
Year Completed: 2020
Project: Stainless Steel Waterfall Installation

Installation and Maintenance of Stainless Steel Waterfall Systems

Are you thinking of adding a unique waterfall feature to your building entrance or any other area needing a “wow factor”? If so, The PKI Group and EMJAC Harmonic Environments can help! To make the overall design aesthetic of your business innovative and appealing to your customers
Stainless Steel waterfalls are a beautiful addition to commercial and residential spaces to enhance any indoor living environment.

With the experience of The PKI Group Stainless Steel Waterfall Installation Services, and Emjac Harmonic Environments fabrication and design products, your envisioned idea will become a reality. Transforming a dull space with a permanent, eye-catching” art installation will make a pleasant ambiance.

Emjac Harmonic Environments® products have the quality to transform any space combining functionality and art. These stainless steel waterfall installations will take away your clients from their agitated day to day life to a relaxing mood. The sound of running water is a great custom feature for any indoor and outdoor area that needs a makeover.

In addition, these stainless steel waterfalls include a variety of colorful lighting upgrades in unison with a stream of circulating water. The PKI Group will do an amazing job by tuning the waterfall settings to your liking and maintaining its internal components periodically upon request. Waterfalls are a great add-on to your commercial or residential spaces. No matter what your design aesthetic or style is, they are an excellent complement to any new indoor or outdoor living environment.

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