Kitchen Equipment Installers Florida

Project Description

Client: Food and Beverage Establishment.
Location: Tamarac Florida.
Year Completed: 2017
Project: Kitchen Equipment Installers Florida

Kitchen Equipment Installers Florida

Professional kitchen equipment installation is more important than people may think, as many manufacturers require their products to be professionally installed before they cover any warranty issues. That is why precise installation can protect your investment ensuring that the equipment installation complies with safety and up to code standards. In this particular project, we installed working tables, cooling lines, double ice machine makers; dishing area, cafeteria counters, and walking coolers. Are you searching for kitchen equipment installers in Florida? Look no further than The PKI Group.

Why Hire Us?

The PKI Group is a premier refrigeration installation and repair company that also offers professional kitchen equipment installation services in Florida and its surrounding areas. We deliver fast and reliable services with our experienced and knowledgeable technicians providing personalized services at competitive prices.

At The PKI Group, we will help you ensure that every equipment we install is up to code and secure. We check various parameters such as burners, pilot lights, calibrations, gas pressures, voltages, etc. to guarantee that the equipment will run at peak capacity and according to manufacturer’s specifications. Our installations create a seamless and hassle-free experience with little to no downtime in your everyday business operation.

Our Services

• Kitchen Equipment Installation and Repair

At The PKI Group, we use factory authorized parts on all of our jobs to ensure the equipment is not at risk of damage during the process of installation. We also have a state-of-the-art warehouse to store anything related to your food and beverage business as needed.

Also, we strive to provide a reliable and quick kitchen equipment repair service so our clients can resume their everyday business operations without delay. When you call us for your kitchen equipment repair, we will come to you with the appropriate parts and tools to fix any problem that may arise in your kitchen.

See Us In Action

We provide professional and prompt responses, offering next-day or same-day service in most cases. Count on The PKI Group for any type of kitchen equipment repair. Our crew has experience with all makes and models of new and old appliances, so you can rest easy knowing that your kitchen equipment will be in good hands.

• Kitchen Equipment Maintenance

The PKI Group offers scheduled preventative maintenance programs to clients in the food and beverage business. Routinely inspecting your equipment is essential if you want to avoid any emergency repairs and keep it in peak operating condition. We offer to perform inspections on monthly, quarterly, and bi-annually basis. We can also customize our preventive maintenance schedule according to your specific needs.

The PKI Group Commercial Kitchen Equipment Installers Florida

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