The Pki Group Custom Welding Modification Services

Project Description

Client: Food and Beverage establishment
Location: Miami Florida.
Year Completed: 2018
Project: Welding Modification Services

Once again, The PKI Group has accomplished another challenge. Due to the complexity of the job, our welding modification services were requested to help this client in need. The difficulty of this job was not only to lower down the shelf but doing it without disturbing any electrical connections. First, we cut the shelf very precisely. Second, we lowered the shelf down by 6 inches.  Finally, tack welded and polished the unit.

(Emjac Industries fabricated the 33′ chef counter)


1. Cut the 1-5/8” legs without damaging the electrical cables
2. Remove out all the 6” legs without any electrical damage
3. Cut the stainless chase without any damage to the control box
4. Cutting all the stainless legs
5. Lower shelf down, tack welded and polished
6. Remove the 6” tubing
7. On the way to assembling everything back again
8. Electrical Chase box with electrical control already tack welded
9. Shelf on progress
10. All of this possible by using over 6 jacks to lift the double chef counter

Custom Fabrication

As the premier commercial kitchen installer in South Florida, we are familiarized with larger sections of stainless steel countertop units that need modification on a daily basis. We provide expert modification and fabrication of custom parts for more than 40 years, with high-quality standards and exceptional service for companies in the food and beverage industry. We work very closely with kitchen equipment, understanding how the modifications should be to produce superior custom parts leading to successful installations and within schedule.

Why Hire Our Services

Our design modifications and repair capabilities include custom precision parts using stainless steel and other anticorrosive metals. The PKI Group crew capabilities include cutting, forming, welding, finishing, and a variety of different design services like CAD layout drawings.

Our PKI technicians have a vast experience in various fields, converging their knowledge to install in high volume production scenarios, many kitchen units accurately. Moreover, working in fast pace environments and their flexibility to serve a diverse range of clients within varying specifications and delivery time requirements, has made our company one of the best in the nation.

See Us In Action

We provide a commitment to quality and a track record of supplying top-notch custom modification and fabrication services. Our dedicated PKI team of experienced craftsmen are well trained and certified to execute with precision any custom kitchen installation in compliance with all applicable standards and requirements for the client to be able to operate within up to code standards after our job completion.

As the fabrication process applies to stainless steel, this type of customizations allows for true functionality and creativity, particularly within the food industry. We specialize in restaurants, commercial kitchens, cafes, and bar designs. Our customers benefit greatly from the installation of custom fabricated equipment and furnishings. The PKI Group custom fabrication service allows maximizing efficiency as well as the utilization of available space while improving the overall aesthetic appeal of the area. We can perform Stainless Steel Modifications for bar units, salad display units, upright refrigeration cabinets, stainless steel underbar refrigeration cabinets, and more. Call today at


The PKI Group – Custom Welding Modification Services

Commercial Kitchen equipment is the key to success and profit making in the food and beverage industry business. Also, working at its peak capacity means faster delivery, better quality food, and satisfied customers. Call the PKI Group for any of our services at (954) 530-3757.

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