Ice Machine Maintenance & Safety Tips

Ice Machine Maintenance & Safety Tips

One of the hardest working pieces of equipment in your business is your ice machine. Ice machines provide food in the form of little frozen cubes; these ice cubes also keep food safe for consumption.  Maintaining your ice machine properly ensures your guests are not getting sick from unmaintained ice machines.

Ice Machines Require Cleaning, Often

Ice machines must routinely be emptied out and special chemicals must be used to wipe out the entire inside of the unit including hard to reach crevices. Make sure the inside is completely dry by wiping the inner walls with a clean, dry cloth.  After cleaning the unit, turn it back on and the ice maker will refill on its own in a couple hours.

Your ice machine should be cleaned and sanitized at least once every six months, maybe more depending on how much it is used. If you’re unsure about proper cleaning, ask the technician when he’s in for the service appointment, or check your owner’s manual.

When is the best time to order replacement water and air filters?  Read the manufacturer’s manual for replacement models and instructions for swapping the new filters for the old. These filters are critical in making sure your machine not only produces the freshest, cleanest tasting ice, but also so that it runs efficiently and doesn’t use more energy than necessary.

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