Fast Restaurant Equipment Repair

Project Description

Client: Food and Beverage Establishment.
Location: Fort Lauderdale Florida.
Year Completed: 2017
Project: Fast Restaurant Equipment Repair

Fast Restaurant Equipment Repair

The PKI Group has carved its reputation in Florida as one of the most reputable and trusted installation, repair, and maintenance companies for the food and beverage industry. Moreover, hand in hand with the installations are the welding modifications of restaurant kitchen counters ensuring that while fusing the joined parts together they blend perfectly as if it was always one piece.

The PKI Group understands that fusing stainless steel properly can be tricky because it retains heat, leading to problems such as warping, embrittlement, and the removal of its anti-corrosive properties. Fortunately, The PKI Group welding experts can control the heat input mastering the art of TIG welding on stainless steel.

Why Hire Our Services

Our certified and experienced welder technicians work on a wide range of stainless steel equipment gaining the expertise needed for these type of operations. In addition, all our employees are handpicked after extensive training and proven welding record. Rest easy knowing that when our technicians arrive at your location, you will have the most well-trained installation kitchen crew working on your equipment.

Other Services

• Food Equipment Installation

As important as appliances are for food service businesses, investing in a professional installation is ideal to make sure the equipment operates at peak performance at all times. In addition, we perform the installations at hours that won’t compromise your business hours.

See Us In Action

• Food Equipment Repair

Malfunctioning equipment becomes very hard to manage at peak restaurant hours, that is why The PKI Group has the technicians and expertise to have your equipment up and running when needed. No matter whether you are dealing with a minor problem or a major dilemma, we can help around the clock.

• Preventive Maintenance

Our preventative maintenance programs help business owners to avoid dealing with malfunctioning food equipment that breaks down unexpectedly. These programs can help prolong the life of your food equipment to save repair costs over time.

The PKI Group – Professional Food Equipment Services

Commercial Kitchen equipment is the key to success and profit making in the food and beverage industry business. Also, working at its peak capacity means faster delivery, better quality food, and satisfied customers. Call the PKI Group for any of our services at (954) 530-3757.

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