The Pki Group Hot And Cold Service Technical Support

Project Description

Client: Baha Mar Resort.
Location: Nassau, Bahamas.
Year Completed: 2018
Project: Hot and cold Service Technical Support

The PKI Group is proud to announce the latest addition to our services: Hot and cold service technical support.

One of the worst things happening in a food and beverage business is having problems with the refrigeration unit. After all, if a refrigeration installation goes unexpectedly wrong, all the food supplies could get ruined due to the storage equipment failing to hold the correct temperature. Food that’s not safe to consume is dangerous for anyone’s health, and everything starts with the correct refrigeration installation and proper equipment.

This time at the Baha Mar Resort, our latest emergency call was to fix a previous poor installation done by another installer. As professionals in their field, their responsibility should’ve been to ensure the walk-in box penetrations and joints were completely sealed. Failing to seal appropriately will result in ice buildup that can cause extensive damage.

Hiring the correct crew to do the refrigeration installation for a new restaurant is a must and no one better than The PKI Group. We understand there are various expenses involved in opening a new restaurant business and no mistake can be made when choosing a refrigeration company. Our team of experts takes responsibility for your equipment performance as we have the best in their trade installing and maintaining these type of equipment. Also, our representatives can suggest the units your business needs with enough cooling power to maintain the right temperature and adequate cooling water supply.

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Maintenance & Repair

After inspecting a refrigeration system, we can accurately determine what is malfunctioning and immediately fix it with factory replacement parts. We are continually updating our certifications to be competitive with market standards and the latest installation techniques. Moreover, we are careful to prevent refrigerant leaks by testing all the piping and fittings, as well as adequately wiring the refrigeration units to avoid any electrical issues.

The PKI Group

The PKI Group is used to work under pressure as we get last minute project calls from companies that need an extra hand due to time limit constraints. We are a dependable company offering maintenance and repair services to keep the unit in working condition at peak capacity for a faster delivery, better food quality, and satisfied customers. Call the PKI Group for any of our services at (954) 530-3757.

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