The Pki Group Stainless Steel Counter Top Repair

Project Description

Client: Baha Mar Resort.
Location: Nassau Bahamas.
Year Completed: 2017
Project: Stainless Steel Counter Top Repair.

Stainless Steel Counter Top Repair

Are you searching for a stainless steel counter top repair? If yes, you have come to the right place. Let us walk you through a very sensitive challenge that was presented to us. We were requested to overhaul another installers failed installation that could cost the customer hundreds of thousands of dollars in replacing stainless steel counter tops.

Upon arrival, there was not proper fusion on any of the groove welds performed in the entire commercial kitchen stainless steel counter tops.

Futile attempts to blend the voids of porosity by grinding the excess material of the welds. The final outcome of grinding the welds is to make the counter tops one piece, but the previous welder left visible holes due to a lack of TIG (GTAW) welding skills.

Incomplete areas near the counter top endings were damaged and not properly executed. Also, many of the angle bracket attachments showed a failed attempt to join the counter top parts together.

The bends of the material show a lack of competent understanding for basic fabrication skills.

The extent of caulking is in abundance in the counter top corners, probably to hide more welded disasters that are going to corrode the areas due to a frequent usage of water in food and beverage establishments. When stainless steel is not welded properly and could burn off the layer of chromium oxide, removing its anticorrosive properties. Also, if the countertop is heated too much while welded, the piece could warp making it an uneven area prone to water retention.

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The Solution:

One of many solutions is by outfitting and refitting the damaged parts to deliver a complete design. Once the damaged piece is cut away, a new one would be tac welded in place before a final welding pass.

A flap disc is good for blending and polishing the pieces together to make it look one piece. With a large amount of precise cutting, re-welding, and polishing, the once muddled disaster was now picture perfect culinary domain that the customer could be proud of.