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Are you searching for stainless steel waterfall installation? If so, we can help! Stainless steel waterfalls are on trend for innovating indoor spaces with visual and relaxation features that will catch anyone’s eyes. One of the leader fabricators in this field is Harmonic Environments, a division of EMJAC Industries with years in the manufacturing business of these stunning art pieces. Moreover, with the PKI Group as their official installer, these ornamental kinetic pieces enhance the beauty of any location, masking any noises, and providing a water source element in the decoration.

This challenging job requires an expert in these field with knowledge in internal waterfall motor mechanisms to operate successfully at any time of the day. To incorporate these impressive water feature into almost any design, The PKI Group carefully welds any necessary stainless steel components providing extra strength in the installation ensuring years of trouble-free use.

Also, every installation needs to be within the code and industry standards as well as its periodical maintenance carefully monitored for a long-lasting lifespan. That is why the qualified waterfall engineering team at PKI Group carries a higher level of stainless steel waterfall installations using the latest CAD software to maximize space utilization and meet the exact criteria and the requirements of the facilities.

The PKI Group – Stainless Steel Waterfall Installation

Besides stainless steel waterfall installations, The PKI Group is
one of the leaders in commercial kitchen installations, specializing in refrigeration and warehousing, since 1979. The PKI Group has excelled in commercial kitchen design solutions, and its service quality is known for its personalized and end result outlook nationally and internationally. For onsite consultations, please call 954-530-3757 .

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Stainless Steel Waterfall Installation