Signs of a Malfunctioning Commercial Freezer

Signs Of A Malfunctioning Commercial Freezer

A commercial freezer has many components, and over time each of those components can break down and start to malfunction. One such malfunction is ice buildup on the interior walls and food, which is highly problematic for many reasons.

Not only can it damage your investment by making it harder to keep items cold, but it also prevents you from seeing what you have in stock, which can lead to a loss of sales or a major hassle when it comes time to restock.

This article will explore how a commercial kitchen repair specialist like The PKI Group would assess the unit’s problem.

Irregular Temperature in the Storage Area

The temperature in your freezer storage area is either too warm or in an irregular pattern. This can cause expansion and contraction, damaging both the walls and the food stored inside the commercial freezer. If you notice large fluctuations, this may be caused by a malfunctioning thermostat and must replace it.

Problems with the Current Temperature in Your Commercial Freezer

The temperature in your commercial freezer may be set too high, causing ice to build on the walls, near the ceiling, behind doors, or against racks holding items. This can cause damage both to food and equipment if it becomes too extreme.

If you believe the temperature in your commercial freezer is set too high, then contact a commercial kitchen repair service to give it a tune-up. They will test different sections of your commercial freezer for heaters, insulation, doors, and hardware to determine what needs to be corrected.

Problems with the Gasket of Your Commercial Freezers

The rubber gasket that lines the doors of your commercial freezer is either missing or has become damaged. If this is the case, cold air will leak into the storage area, which can cause damage to both food and equipment.

If the gasket around your commercial freezer for signs of damage. If it is ripped, broken, or missing, then it must be replaced by a professional.

If your commercial freezer has ice buildup that the above solutions can’t remove, you should consider buying a new unit. Contact The PKI Group commercial kitchen and repair specialist for information, assessment, and solution.

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