Custom Metal Fabrication For Commercial Kitchen Repair

Custom Metal Fabrication For Commercial Kitchen Repair

Our professionally trained staff can handle all kinds of restaurant equipment installations that require custom metal fabrication pieces to ensure the perfect fit. This requires our certified PKI welders to perform various specialized welding techniques to perform virtually every required metal fabrication process. In addition, our company offers secondary services, including 2D and 3D CAD capabilities, to ensure the task at hand. Continue reading “Custom Metal Fabrication For Commercial Kitchen Repair”

The Pki Group Restaurant Refrigeration Repair

The PKI Group Restaurant Refrigeration Repair

Restaurant Refrigeration Repair

Did the cooler or refrigerator system in your busy restaurant suddenly break down? Are you worried that all your food supply might decompose due to the temperature getting closer to the danger zone? If that is the case, don’t let refrigeration emergencies prevent you from getting through the day. Continue reading “The PKI Group Restaurant Refrigeration Repair”