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Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System Repair

Restaurant owners have to manage multiple aspects of restaurant management every day, paying careful attention to the effectiveness of kitchen ventilation components to have a proper working environment. Ignoring the kitchen vents and exhaust system can cause severe issues and costlier repairs down the road. That is why it’s critical to hire professionals like The PKI Group for commercial kitchen repair services for malfunctioning units. Continue reading “Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System Repair”

Safe Restaurant Refrigeration Installation Florida

Safe Restaurant Refrigeration Installation Florida

Refrigerators are basic storage units that are imperative to the functioning of commercial restaurants. Not only do they keep food and perishable ingredients safe, but commercial refrigeration units also prevent bacterial growth in food elements. There are specific guidelines and codes to be followed during commercial refrigerator installation.

Safe Restaurant Refrigeration Installation FloridaCommercial refrigerators should also adhere to relevant NSF standards. Trained and certifies experts who provide refrigerator installation services are well-versed in these guidelines and can offer accurate, safe, and efficient solutions.

Refrigerant Requirements

The smooth functioning of your refrigerators and freezers is critical to ensure that your customers don’t develop food-borne diseases from dining at your eatery. Refrigerant keeps your refrigerator functioning well and keeps your food safe and fresh for a longer time.

However, it’s essential to regularly check for refrigerant leaks since the substance is highly hazardous to life and health. Refrigerant filling and refilling should also be carried out by factory-trained professionals authorized to provide commercial refrigeration services.

Safe Restaurant Refrigeration Installation FloridaTemperature Control

It’s critical to pay attention to temperature control during commercial refrigerator installation. The temperature requirements would vary based on the refrigerator’s capacity, the type and quantity of food stored in the unit, and the size of your business.

If the protein-based item is to be stored longer, you may need freezer-level temperatures to keep the food safe. Commercial refrigerator installation specialists can help you understand and conform to these required temperature standards. The food may rot or suffer nutrient loss if the temperature requirements are not followed to the dot.

Separate Storage Units

The temperature requirements for meat, fish, and milk are different from vegetables and other items. Restaurant owners who deal in large quantities of meats and other protein-based ingredients every day may consider using a separate refrigerator for these products. If the quantity of meat or fish is small, you may opt for a refrigerator with a separate storage unit for meat and vegetables.

Protein-based food items are more vulnerable to bacterial growth and infections. Storing these items with otherSafe Restaurant Refrigeration Installation Florida regular ingredients could affect the quality of other foods as well.

Air Conditioning

The air conditioning unit of the refrigerator is essential to guarantee even temperature distribution throughout the refrigerator. If the fans and other components of the unit do not function well, even heat distribution would be impossible. Commercial installation professions will inspect and analyze the quality and working fan condition.

Walk-in Refrigerators and Freezers

Safe Restaurant Refrigeration Installation FloridaThe installation and maintenance of walk-in commercial refrigeration units should be based on specific NSF and OSHA guidelines. The equipment requires regular servicing. Tools like panic bars and indoor handles are required to ensure people who regularly use the walk-in freezer or refrigerators. Improper installation and maintenance could lead to severe or even fatal injuries.

Choose Our Commercial Refrigeration Experts

Our factory-trained team of specialists at PKI Group provides safe and reliable commercial refrigerator installation and maintenance services. We handle all refrigeration units ranging from single-door coolers to high-intensity walk-in freezers. To book an appointment with us or call at 954-530-3757

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How Can Commercial Kitchen Installers Help With Equipment Modifications

While the kitchen only forms a small part of a restaurant or home, the significance of this space is enormous. If you are a commercial restaurant owner, you may already be aware that your kitchen is perhaps the most integral unit of your business. The input of commercial kitchen installers can be extremely beneficial in order to have fully functional kitchen equipment. Continue reading “How Can Commercial Kitchen Installers Help With Equipment Modifications”

The Pki Trusted Kitchen Equipment Installation

The PKI Trusted Kitchen Equipment Installation

Successful commercial kitchens require the best installers for industrial equipment. If you need commercial equipment installed, it isThe Pki Trusted Kitchen Equipment Installation important to go with a professional and experienced business. The PKI Group, based in Tamarac, Florida, has been providing kitchen installations to hundreds of clients since 1979, and is ready to help you with your latest installation needs. Continue reading “The PKI Trusted Kitchen Equipment Installation”