Stainless Steel Welding Modifications by The PKI Group

Usually, commercial kitchen counters don’t fit perfectly within each other or don’t fit accurately with the corner walls due to uneven construction. That is why The PKI Group always delivers high-quality stainless steel kitchen counter modifications for the food and beverage industry, fabricating pieces that require precise welds. Continue reading “Stainless Steel Welding Modifications by The PKI Group”

commercial kitchen installations in florida

Quick Guide for Commercial Kitchen Installations in Florida

Requirements For Commercial Kitchen Installations in Florida?
Here’s Your Guide!

If you are starting out in the food industry, you are likely overwhelmed by the high amount of paperwork to fill out, as well as the numerous preparations you have to make, in order for your commercial kitchen to pass all health department inspections.  Continue reading “Quick Guide for Commercial Kitchen Installations in Florida”

Commercial Kitchen Installations

Safety After Commercial Kitchen Installations

After a successful commercial kitchen installation, your business is up and running and ready to operate and open the doors to public. The PKI Group has the experience of thousands of commercial kitchen installations and has some tips to make sure your employees work in a safe environment and that your customers received the best quality food and beverage.

Continue reading “Safety After Commercial Kitchen Installations”