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Kitchen Exhaust InstallationKitchen Exhaust Installation

Are you looking for a kitchen exhaust installation? A kitchen exhaust is an important part of your commercial kitchen because it helps circulate the air removing the cooking smell as well as removing grease particles. For all these reasons, installing, repairing, or maintaining kitchen exhaust systems is extremely important.

Why Hire The PKI Group?

The PKI Group separates itself from the rest of the competition by professionally inspecting, installing, and cleaning the entire kitchen system beyond just the hood. Whenever your commercial kitchen exhaust needs a replacement, repair, or maintenance; our qualified, properly trained, certified kitchen exhaust experts can inspect and fix the entire system in according to your needs. Our service also includes fixing, cleaning the exhaust fan on the roof as well as every inch of the ductwork.

Our Services

Kitchen Exhaust InstallationCommercial Kitchen Exhaust Installation

Having your kitchen exhaust system professionally installed is the best way to get the most out of your restaurant. The PKI Group has licensed technicians that would be happy to offer help with your decision-making process. We have years of experience in this business, and over the years we have been installing commercial kitchen hoods and handled the process in all kinds of restaurants. We can help you have an exhaust system in place to lower the risk of a grease fire from happening in your commercial kitchen.

Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning

At The PKI Group, we recommend that you keep your restaurant kitchen safe with hood and exhaust cleaning from our professional team of experts. A detailed maintenance hood cleaning will make your kitchen run more efficiently and smoothly, safely eliminating smoke and grease from the kitchen, hence improving ventilation, and keeping your kitchen much cooler.

Kitchen Exhaust InstallationCommercial Kitchen Ventilation

A professionally installed exhaust system plays a significant role in keeping your commercial kitchen clean. The PKI Group is unique among competitors when it comes to commercial kitchen ventilation. With our service, we make sure that all your kitchen ventilation systems are air balanced to remove the vacuum effect. Once we install your commercial kitchen ventilation system, we stand behind our work and set up a maintenance schedule to suit your specific your needs.

The PKI Group – Kitchen Exhaust Installation

The PKI Group crew is trained to install any size of commercial hoods, no matter where your food and beverage business is located. We serve Florida and other cities in the United States as well as internationally. Call us today at 954-530-3757 or click HERE for further assistance.

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