Commercial Hood Installation Services

Project Description

Client: Petroleum Club of Midland.
Location: Midland Texas.
Year Completed: 2017
Project: Commercial Refrigeration Hood Installation.

Commercial Hood Installation Services

Due to scheduling conflicts, and committed to several projects, Rusty, a fellow installer and good friend reached out to us on a short day notice with only 48 hours to coordinate and take over one of his projects out of Midland Texas. Our PKI Group Georgia crew was able to send the reinforcements to work together with another crew that came from California, to speed up the project running without a hitch. However, the real challenge was yet to come, as the lending aid included the transportation of seven hoods across the dining room area while 20 feet in the air, dodging over a glass handrail using two genie lifts and two scissor lifts. We also want to send thanks to Mr.Scott Jost from Edward Don! for trusting us with this delicate job.

The PKI Group

Food and beverage businesses have to contend and keep away food odors, excessive heat, and smoke from the kitchen area and overall establishment. That is why, for an excellent customer experience, exhaust systems will not only keep your kitchen in optimal conditions but also more comfortable for your cooking crew to perform as expected. The PKI Group excels at providing commercial hood installation services, committed to meet and exceed local, state, and national industry standards.

Why Hire Us?

The PKI Group has specialized in reliable kitchen and restaurant equipment repair and installation services in Florida and out of state for more than 40 years. We have gained the trust of numerous restaurant and commercial kitchen owners by exceeding our clients’ expectations making operational kitchens at their full potential. Our crew members are also reliable and on schedule
to show up promptly at your location and meet all the required service cycles and inquiries from our clients.

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Our Services

• Commercial Hood Installation

The PKI Group can install all kinds of commercial kitchen hood systems. Furthermore, we can also include air fans, exhaust ductwork, and stainless steel wall panels for optimal airflow.

• Commercial Kitchen Repair

At The PKI Group, our goal is simple: provide fast, reliable, and affordable commercial kitchen repair solutions for clients to keep running their businesses in the most efficient and expected possible way.

• Upgrades for Commercial Ventilation

If you own a commercial kitchen or restaurant and struggling with poor air ventilation quality, count on The PKI Group to perform cost-effective upgrades to revolutionize how well your business operates.

In addition, with state-of-the-art equipment we can also help you achieve optimal air quality and ventilation flow, to increase both performance and energy efficiency.

The PKI Group – Commercial Hood Installation Services

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