Restaurant Equipment Installation Near Me

Project Description

Client: JW Hotel Tampa Florida
Installation: The PKI Group
Year Completed: 2020
Project: Commercial Kitchen Installation

Restaurant Equipment Installation Near Me

The PKI group installs, services, and repairs all commercial kitchen equipment, including any kind of refrigeration. This time
the Tampa crew members did an amazing job, working overnight, receiving multiple cooler & freezer boxes with condensers and evaporator units. Over 22 systems through 6 floors at JW Hotel in Tampa, Florida, were delivered successfully and within schedule.

Commercial kitchen installation, repair, and replacement are part of the services we provide to our clients in Florida and other states. Customer service is also available for emergency repair to keep your restaurant in business.

Our project managers provide on-site expertise before, during, and after the installation process and the responsibility of the project’s entire scope to ensure its completion and exceed the client’s standards. The PKI Group services include but are not limited to executing field measurements, equipment procurement, site verification, project timeline management, delivery to site, installation, removal, and disposal of old equipment and any other task depending on the project scope.

Our crew members are accustomed to handling the constantly changing conditions that arise while working in the field. That is why they are prepared to act on behalf of the customer.
The PKI employs well-rounded, skilled professional kitchen installers that are efficient and knowledgeable in installing equipment in all segments of the food and beverage industry.
Once the project’s installation has been completed, we do not view our responsibility as complete, as we recognize that continued support is crucial to our client’s success.

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The PKI Group restaurant equipment installation near me

We pride ourselves on having in our team service techs trained in different industry fields, that are honest and friendly. The PKI Group
team is committed to providing superior service to our customers, offering reasonable rates and the very best customer service. In addition, we guarantee all of the work we perform.

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