Quick Guide for Commercial Kitchen Installations in Florida

Quick Guide For Commercial Kitchen Installations In Florida

Requirements For Commercial Kitchen Installations in Florida?
Here’s Your Guide!

If you are starting out in the food industry, you are likely overwhelmed by the high amount of paperwork to fill out, as well as the numerous preparations you have to make, in order for your commercial kitchen to pass all health department inspections. 
It is of utmost importance that you informed yourself on commercial kitchen installation requirements in Florida, before going about with investing time, and money, to fully furnishing your kitchen.

Here are some of the main guidelines concerning commercial kitchen installations in Florida:

Quick Guide For Commercial Kitchen Installations In Florida1. Requirements Vary Per County

This is a crucial piece of information, which many fledgling business owners appear to ignore: different Florida counties often have a variety of requirements pertaining to commercial kitchen installations. For this reason, it is imperative that you come into contact with your county’s health department, and be informed on the particular guidelines governing commercial kitchen installations in your Florida county.

Quick Guide For Commercial Kitchen Installations In Florida2. Always Be Up-To-Date With Federal Law

All Florida commercial kitchens are, in addition to county requirements, subject to the rules and regulations laid out in federal law. If you are unsure about the specifics, you can write to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, which is located in Tallahassee, and receive a briefing on commercial kitchen installation requirements, as well as on other matters, such as business-related, and other kinds of permits.

3. Commercial Kitchen Installation Experts Quick Guide For Commercial Kitchen Installations In Florida

Having to take care of the operational details of your soon-to-be business, can be daunting. Therefore, turning to an established commercial kitchen installation company in Florida is a wise investment, which pays off in a multitude of ways. The PKI Group undertakes all kinds of commercial equipment installations to multiple food and beverage businesses giving them the opportunity to focus on what matters the most: getting business to meteoric heights of success!

Trust The PKI Group Your Professional Kitchen Installers

We work with major kitchen equipment manufacturers and suppliers who provide excellent quality as we do. We have the same high level of customer service we aim to provide to our customers at all times. We are always happy to discuss and suggest specific brands that you need in your workplace and offer advice on what commercial equipment will work best and is most suitable for your type of business. Durability and reliability of food and beverage equipment is key to the on-going success of any establishment. For further questions and speak to one of our representatives give us a call at 954-530-3757 .

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