Freezer Panels Installation

Project Description

Client: Restaurant in Cayey, Puerto Rico
Installation: The PKI Group
Year Completed: 2020
Project: Bar Equipment and Freezer Panels Installation

This project required freezer panels installation and a bar equipment installation for a restaurant renovation. The PKI Group can install sectional prefabricated panels in a timely and professional manner, so their high insulation value and usable storage capacity works as expected. These freezer panels offer a clean, modern structure becoming more popular this day in any food and beverage business. Also, often used in freezers and coolers, we install them up to code to diligently comply with such standards. 

Our motto is to meet your business needs and answer your questions or concerns regarding the installation. We also install and serve walk-in coolers, supermarket convenience store equipment, freezers, commercial restaurant kitchen equipment, ice machines, among others.

No matter your project size, The PKI Group capabilities to go anywhere in the US and giving you the best-estimated price onsite or over the phone are very accurate. Also, you can ask about used inventory as we are always buying good condition used equipment.

To make the installations flow and within a schedule, we have created in our Tamarac warehouse facility, a sheet metal division that specializes in building custom pieces to fit any task at hand to complement all our kitchen installation requests. 

We are used to working on several projects for the same client.  For this particular project we received a full trailer of cooler panes and and transported them to the second level with the help of a scissor lift and the use of the service elevator to bring the bar equipment to levels 2,3 and 4 for the other installation job. While some crew members are responsible for specific tasks, others are working in other jobs based on their specific trade and task at hand.

The PKI Group has been providing professional bar equipment installation services for restaurants throughout the United States.

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Whether you’re starting a new business or making renovations to an existing one, The PKI Group team of experts will draft designs to meet your requirements for the following projects: 

  • Food Service Layout Plans
  • Equipment Specification Catalog
  • Plumbing Requirements
  • Kitchen Efficiency Flow Design
  • Food Service Layout Plans
  • Electrical Requirements
  • Storage Requirements, and more.

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