Commercial Kitchen Install Tampa Florida

Project Description

Client: Columbia Restaurant
Installation: The PKI Group
Year Completed: 2020
Project: Commercial Kitchen Install Tampa Floida

The client at Columbia Restaurant in Tampa, Florida, requested our commercial kitchen installation services to improve their kitchen layout for better circulation and employee performance. Adding several counters and shelving in a one day job required two crews to finish the task at hand.

Our crew members carefully transported the stainless steel countertops from The PKI Group headquarters in Tamarac Fl, all the way to Tampa Bay. Upon arrival, the job consisted of fitting the tables according to the kitchen floorplans and live load structure.

Even though previous calculations were made, we remeasured the area to confirm how well the countertops fit. We also take into consideration other elements inside the kitchen, such as the conveyor dishwasher. Once everything was according to planning, we proceed to weld the tables in an L shape configuration and later polished them to make the welds untraceable to the eye. Other tables were also welded along with the kitchen with hanging shelves connected to the ceiling with stainless steel tubing.

After a whole day of work, and successfully finishing on time, we exceeded the client expectations. That being said, no project is too small or too big for The PKI Group to handle! Are you searching for commercial kitchen installation? Don’t hesitate to call us today!

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