Custom Commercial Kitchen Installers

Project Description

Client:   Commercial Kitchen Installation
Location: Atlanta, GA
Year Completed:   2016
Project: Custom Kitchen Installation

The PKI Group was given the opportunity to “expand our knowledge and experience” with a new challenge! From custom cutting a Corian counter top to install new equipment and make custom stainless steel trims. Call us for your next new or modification project!

The PKI Group has particular expertise in complete commercial refrigeration installations, however, we are also happy to assist with improvements on a smaller scale. Maybe you are looking to upgrade, replace certain items of catering equipment or want additional items of commercial cooking equipment to help improve your efficiency and help to develop a more diverse menu. We are also happy to assist if you want to revitalize your existing hotel kitchen by re-designing the layout to improve the flow of the kitchen, replace some of the commercial catering equipment whilst keeping the items that are still serving you well.

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