PKI GROUP Professional Restaurant Hood Installations

Pki Group Professional Restaurant Hood Installations

When you are running a restaurant, everything not only needs to look good but be functional too. A restaurant hood is an essential component, without which there would be no ventilation in your kitchen.

If you hire experts for restaurant hood installation, like The PKI Group, you don’t have to worry about any mistakes. Here are some of the processes involved when it comes to restaurant hood installation.

Inspecting The Kitchen Hood Thoroughly

After your chosen hood has arrived at your or our location, we check it thoroughly to see if it’s dented somewhere or isn’t properly functioning before we proceed to install it. Also, It might be possible that there is a manufacturing defect or has been damaged through the shipping process. We always address and report any issues immediately.

Checking for Duct Size, Type, and Wiring

We follow the manufacturer’s duct size, measurements, and type to do the hood installation correctly. Also, if a plug needs to be connected to an electrical outlet, we ensure the wiring is set correctly to keep your warranty intact.

Removing the Protective Film Too Soon

We don’t take off the protective film too soon until we get your hood fully installed and have checked to see if it’s working before peeling off the plastic film. Before peeling the film off, adjustments should be made to prevent discoloration or scratches.

Not Providing Adequate Support

Your hood requires proper structural support to ensure that it doesn’t become a hazard for anyone around it. We ensure that all the attached joints and structural beams are firmly in place through safety installation standards for optimal functionality for your hood.

We follow these and other protocols to have an excellent restaurant hood installation that will last in your kitchen for years to come. Call The PKI Group today at 954-530-3757